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PhD, Prince, Paisley Park, Pandemic and Play (and a bit about F. Scott Fitzgerald)

    As I am reading the book Critical Thinking       for my first PhD Class, struggling to navigate an ebook on my ipad, laptop or phone and seeing if I can pick up where I left off on each device, while moving throughout the day from the couch, my office, the patio.....this quote appears:   “Success comes to those who are persistent and figure out strategies for themselves.”  Obvious….BUT.   While multi-tasking Thursday evening I couldn’t find and then couldn’t upload the template for my first writing assignment, which is supposed to be in APA format. There are templates for this – yay!  But I’m in frantic mode, wanting to email my professor, and listening to a poetry reading.   Lesson learned: do one task at a time. I have to FOCUS on my class. Block out the other distractions around the house. Once I did that, I was able to find the template, upload and save it and take a deep breath to move forward.    My creative writing is different than learning scholarly

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