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   Minnesota memories: Mondale, Wellstone, and the trial.   Minnesota's own Walter Mondale died today at age 93. I remember voting for him when he ran with Jimmy Carter for reelection (and lost to Reagan). Then again in 1984 when he chose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate for V.P. What excitement that was! Who knew we'd have to wait until 2021 to have a woman V.P. in office.  But I especially remember where I was when U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone died with his wife and daughter in a plane crash in 2004. Tragic, and still controversial whether it was really an "accident," Wellstone died just a few days before the election. Mondale stepped in to take his place. I was jubilant - until he lost to Republican Norm Coleman.  How could the people of Minnesota betray him? How naive I was. Wellstone campaign signs were draped in black and stayed up for months after the election.   (photo above: campaign buttons from Jules' collection) I was working at the Loft Literary

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