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   Week 10 of Class 2. Submitted my final assignment for this quarter's class on Adult Education and Learning Theory. It feels good to be in the wrap-up, and class officially ends on Friday. A few more discussion postings and responding online to my classmates.   Three week break until April 11th, when my research class starts (another 10 weeks). This next class will test me to see how I feel about doctoral level research and whether I ultimately stay in the program (I know I will, but it will clarify what I think about a PhD). I am building my network of a couple of classmates who will also continue on in this class, for support. During the break I have a list of personal and house/yard projects to work on. I also have a list of some school library/research things I need to organize and get familiar with. I'm still working during the day, so no break there.  One thing I'm learning along with the class content is how to integrate learning theory into my personal teaching ph

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