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The Golden Horses of St. Paul, Minnesota

The Golden Horses of St. Paul, MN

When I see an article about my hometown,St. Paul, Minnesota in the Sunday New York Times I take notice. The color photo of the St. Paul Capitol and grounds catches my eye, with the golden horses on the roof, overlooking the crowd, filled with mostly young protesters sitting on the grass, signs about BLM and not staying silent.
I remember climbing stairs to the top of the Capital to see those golden horses as a young child, age 7 or 8, this would be the mid 1970’s. My mother took me and my younger brother to the city, from our home in the suburbs, on aday trip over summer school break. My dad worked at Taystee Bakery, which is not far from the Capitol grounds, so in perspective my mom was probably also visiting Dad with us kids in tow in the family station wagon. The capitol is a grand building, designed by architect Cass Gilbert, and the horses, “formally a guilded quadriga sculpture group titled ‘The Progress of the State’ stand like a senitel over …

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