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    When I think about the events of the world since my last post, I realize I may have to post here more often. No matter. I enjoyed a three week break after the end of my first class mid-December. I received an A for my efforts. GPA is not the focus, however. Learning and flexibility are. What have I learned from these 10 weeks of class? My expectations were that I would put in study time and focus on adult education and maybe a way to incorporate play and adult learning theory. The reality is so much bigger, and better. Scholarly writing, learning to use databases and research, acquiring the habits and skills to make me a better reader, writer and person. As I go to the next class that starts this week, I am more proficient with the tools to help me along the way. I feel a bit more relaxed and confident.  This class is Theory and Methods of Teaching Adults. We have projects instead of long, drawn out research papers. Yes! Recording video on Kaltura software and the final project is

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